Repairs & Tune Up

Roof System Repairs up to Ten-Years, Performing Manufacturer Required Tune-Ups For All Major Brands
Understanding (determining what to do) the repair, re-roof, or most important, the tuneup.
We Service all types of Home Owners Associations

Understanding what makes a great roof system, has helped Champion establish a high customer return.

When you purchase a home or building one of your first thoughts should be how it was constructed

Actually, not too many people even think about that, they just figure it was done right and it's still standing.When Champion meets your properties roof system for the first time, it's more like an Archaeological site.

What we specialize in, is building a time line history of the current roof system and determine how best to reach your roof systems life expectancy or even prolong it's life expectancy.

Repairing a roof system (in our estimate) can be done around 90% of the time. Professional in site on how to repair or prolong the life expectancy of your roof system is our greatest asset.

People tend to forget about the roof after a repair is done or when a new roof system is installed (out of site out of mind), but the biggest part about reaching the life expectancy of your roof system is inspection and tune-up.

To show you how important Tune-ups really are, they are required by the manufacturer whenever you purchase a
system guarantee.

Giving your roof system a little TLC will only help you save money.

Your return on investment is paramount for our success

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