The History of Champion Roof Company

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Dear Customer,

Our Valued Mission Statement:

We believe that every roofing service we provide should be done the old fashioned way. Earning your Respect! So, we have chosen to lead by example. We believe that in order to sell a service and product you should first gain as much knowledge as you can about it. We have over twenty years of experience in the industry of repairing or making roof systems.

The motor that runs CRC.

The owner Matthew Ritze started as a young curious man working under the tutelage of his father ( a proven business man, and master roofing technician) for many years before deciding he could learn more about how the roofing industry operated if he went into manufacturing. The company he chose manufactured both residential roofing products as well as commercial roofing products. The knowledge he learned catapulted him into new heights he never dreamed of. He was offered the position of Territory manager and worked hard with many roofing companies (training them to install the products) and roofing material distributors throughout Southern California. After working every day with roofing contractors he began to remember the days of working with his father. He realized there was one area of the roofing industry he hadn’t worked in yet. Distribution of roofing materials. Guess what he did next? You guessed right! While working as the manager his duties consisted of understanding all of the different types of roofing products and their practical uses. His customers were contractors (like Champion) asking him for advice on how to use certain materials or how long they might last. After seeing enough uninformed roofing contractors selling the wrong materials to their customers he decided to go back to his roots. In 2002 Champion Roof Company was started. To this day we operate on the principals of the people. Building a strong bond with our customer and our roof systems is what drives our motor. Thank You for reading!




The Bitterness of Poor Quality Lingers Long After the Sweetness of a Low Price

Our client list is filled with a vast array of Business's, HOA's, Asset Management Companies and Home Owner's who are staying dry each rainy season due to our past working relationship.

Champion's President helps us distance the way CRC does business over the competition.